Aspiring athletes, and their parents, face many challenges throughout the journey of becoming a professional hockey player. At Quest we strive to help you along that journey by utilizing our legal and hockey expertise, while providing you with numerous services so that you can achieve your full potential.

Our philosophy at Quest is quite different than most large agencies that we compete with. Honesty, balance, and professional integrity are at the core of how we conduct business. Unfortunately, the culture around hockey today often involves many false promises, hype, and people telling players and their families what they want to hear. This is why many large agencies represent numerous young players, waiting to see which players will turn into professional high-paying clients and dedicating their time to them.

At Quest we provide much more interaction between player and agent, or player and advisor. Honest feedback, goal setting, assistance with off ice programs, coupled with our tailored agency and advising services set us apart from our competitors. We also treat each client with the same dedication and respect no matter what level they are playing at.

With the attention given to each client we are able to connect with our players and provide the services they truly need. With our younger advising clients, we also provide intangibles such as social media tutorials and academic guidance, to ensure our player succeed both on and off the ice. With our professionals, players can rest easy knowing that there is no one better to negotiate their contract than a former player turned lawyer.

Becoming a professional hockey player takes time, sacrifice, and dedication on behalf of the player, their families, and the support staff working alongside the player. At Quest, we have been successful in developing loyal long-term relationships with our players and their families.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.